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Companies representing many industries turn to Assembly Systems to meet their needs for the highest-quality assembled projects. Agriculture. Transportation. Power Generation. The list goes on and on. We’re a Tier 1 supplier of products, and our strong performance in managing all supply chain requirements has fueled our growth and reinforced our strong reputation.

Whether we are assembling transit buses, electric motors, mobile pumping units, or waste management trucks, we meet deadlines and high expectations of customers. The same holds true for our vehicle-upfitting work, as we engineer and custom-build and mount a variety of crane assemblies and railroad packages. Our assemblers follow all engineering specifications and use only the highest quality OEM parts.

Transportation Expertise

Experienced Production Team

We have worked for years in the transportation industry, producing thousands of products for vehicle manufacturers, either full assemblies or subassemblies. With some 600 parts required on the average engine or axle assembly, our customers demand a process that works – for every part on every project.

Our work on complete vehicles and subassemblies – axles, wheels, transmission drives and other products – has earned the trust of our customers, including a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses. Our assemblies are delivered direct to the line assembly daily on a just-in-time basis.

Intense Focus on Quality

  • Use of approved vendors
  • Highest-quality materials
  • Adherence to all torque specs
  • Precise routing of hoses, tubes and fasteners

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Transportation Assembly Services

Our experienced team is ready to find a solution to your assembly challenge.

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Agriculture Experience

We Know Farm Equipment

Our assembly team has the expertise to produce agriculture equipment that meets the demands for durability, competitive pricing and timely delivery. We have produced full tractor assemblies for a top farm equipment manufacturer, and we have the capabilities to assemble all kinds of agriculture vehicles, machinery and parts.

From our three locations throughout the Midwest, we efficiently deliver equipment to suppliers across the nation. Our customers see lower inventory and incoming freight costs and fewer hassles with qualifying vendors, ordering parts and managing warranties.

Quality, Personalized Service

  • Simplified logistics
  • Small- and large-scale orders
  • First Article, PPAP, Quality Gates
  • Local and on-site support

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Ag Assembly Services

Industrial Products

From Pumps to Power

We have built rugged ground-heating units to keep construction crews on the job during the brutal winter months. Our skid steer assemblies have been busy moving dirt and other materials on landscaping duty and other job sites. Our electric motor assemblies help power all kinds of equipment.

Our teams handle industrial projects big and small for all business sectors. We have experience with water pumps, gen sets and mobile pumping units. If you need assistance at your manufacturing facility, we provide on-site support to ensure your assemblies go together like clockwork.

Ready to Meet Many Needs

  • Projects big and small
  • Strong inventory tracking
  • Parts kitting expertise
  • Lean racks design

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