From vehicles to racks,
we build them all

Production challenges mounting at your company? Need skilled assembly or vehicle-upfitting work you can count on? At Assembly Systems, we’ve been delivering high-quality products to satisfied customers for more than 25 years. Let us help you. We’re more than ready to take on your big, complex projects and the small, intricate assemblies too.

You name the project, we’ll deliver. We’ll build your trucks, buses, and other full assemblies. Need installation-ready subassemblies to keep your line moving to meet orders? Give us a call. We have also been doing heavy truck upfitting for years, adding crane assemblies, railroad accessories and many other custom features. We also specialize in parts kitting to add efficiency and save time on the floor. The lean racks we produce facilitate ergonomically sound assembly at your plant.

Full Assemblies

Leave the Assembling to Us

From start to finish, our Assembly Systems team of skilled assemblers can provide you with complete assemblies. We deliver finished products just in time and on budget. We’ve built buses, tractors, snowmobiles, ground-heating units and other ready-to-run products. You receive a product assembled to the highest quality, one that meets your exacting specifications.

You’ll benefit from our experience and efficient process, and receive delivery schedules you can count on. You’ll eliminate the headaches of inventory and warehousing costs, incoming freight, vendor management, and expediting of parts.

The Benefits Add Up

  • Experience in many product lines
  • Strong planning and procurement strategies
  • Stringent inspections
  • Vendor and warranty management

Call (800) 788-1714 to find out what we can do for you.

Full Assembly Services


Quality Control is Critical

Assembly Systems supplies subassemblies of all sizes for many industries. No job is too big or too small. From basic wheel and tire assemblies to engines, axles and agriculture equipment components, we build subassemblies that comply with our customers’ strict quality and business standards.

We have experience in many business sectors, including transportation, off-highway, military, and industrial. Throughout the assembly process, we have implemented and rely on numerous quality gates such as PPAP, First Article Inspection, FIFO, and kit picking for production.

Strong, Tangible Results

  • Cut inventory stocks and costs
  • Eliminate production delays
  • Reduce supply chain variables
  • Reduce paperwork

SubAssembly Services

  • Meeting Client Needs
  • Crane Assembly
  • Railroad Upfitting

Expertise in Vehicle Upfitting

Meeting Client Needs

We’re experts at upfitting. From custom design and build to work ready spec trucks, we set the industry standard for reliability and service for the life cycle of the truck.

We’re the cost-efficient, single-source builder for all of your heavy truck upfitting needs and the proud home of the Southwest Products, Lodi and V&H Work Ready Truck™ brands.

We’re here to meet all of your medium and heavy truck upfitting needs, including customized design engineering, fabrication, assembly and mounting.

  • Articulated Crane trucks
  • Flatbed trucks and piggybacks
  • Forestry and Logging trucks
  • Fuel and Lube trucks
  • High Rail trucks
  • Material Handling trucks
  • Mechanics trucks
  • Milk trucks
  • Refuse trucks
  • Specialized builds

Our engineering team is ready to work directly with you on concepts, designs and product development, ensuring that you can serve your customer proudly.

Find or design the perfect truck for the job by visiting View the Work Ready catalog and current inventory or give our dealer a call today at (800) 826-2308.

Crane Assembly

Once you purchase the truck, our experienced vehicle upfitting team can custom design and mount the crane of your choice, with manual or remote control capabilities.

In our crane work and all other upfitting, we design and implement cost-effective modifications to improve safety and reliability. Our products meet all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Our state-of-the-art crane assembly facility operates 24 hours a day to design and assemble equipment for the most job-specific tasks. If you can name it, chances are we can assemble it for you.

We provide nationwide warranty service on truck-mounted cranes or equipment you purchase. We’ll save you money when repairs are needed, while keeping your rig up and running.

Upfitting - Cranes

Railroad Uplifting

Our experienced team provides a complete hi-rail package for the railroad industry. We build your truck chassis, crane, hi-rails and accessories in our state-of-the-art crane assembly facility.

We also provide:

  • Nationwide delivery
  • Nationwide warranty service
  • Financing and leasing is available

We also do pup trailers and can equip your outfit with fully radio remotes. Our clients trust our experienced team that can do all of your jobs under one roof.

Our practical and proven solutions will insure your equipment produces positive bottom line results. We work with you to make sure our products meet your business needs, and we train your personnel so they operate your equipment safely and efficiently.  We pride ourselves in on-time delivery.


Upfitting - Railroad

From vehicles to racks, our skilled assemblers set the benchmark for producing quality products.

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Parts Kitting

Streamline Your Work

We develop and logically package parts kits that streamline your final assembly process, increasing quality while reducing overall costs of the finished product. Our process organizes parts so they can be delivered to the assembly floor when needed. Each year, we produce over 2,000 vehicle kits and ship over 500,000 SKUs.

With our kits, there’s no need for assemblers to search for inventory, pull parts, and record usage and supply levels. They can focus on the task at hand, improving productivity and reducing material handling time. We also fulfill general sales orders from our inventory.

Cost-Effective Process

  • Free up space, eliminate clutter
  • Reduce labor costs and downtime
  • Reduce inventory
  • Improve cash flow

Lean Racks

Boost Savings and Safety

Lean racks, carts, and storage systems economize on space and provide a more efficient way to deliver parts to an assembler. We design, prototype and produce heavy-duty, custom-built racks and other structures to reduce assembler movement as work is underway. Productivity on your work floor rises when the parts-delivery racks are designed to facilitate economized movement off the rack and into the workflow.

As we design and produce your adjustable racks and carts, you’ll see savings from a more ergonomically beneficial assembly process that reduces employee fatigue with an investment that lasts for years.

Strong, Tangible Results

  • Improve material flow
  • Eliminate unneeded steps
  • Improve ergonomics
  • Reduce worker fatigue

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Lean Rack Assembly